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Flooding In Abbs Cross Lane

Flooding In Abbs Cross Lane 3.7.21

Once again, the residents of Abbs Cross Lane had to contend with another bout of flooding early this morning. I could go on to say why are the Council not supporting the residents when they need help, but I will not. I will let you read the email that a resident sent to the leader of the Council at 4 am this morning.

Well, here we go again.

It’s 4 am and I’m awake watching our houses being damaged again, with the levels of water so bad that it has reached all the way to my back garden. I’m so glad I spent the whole weekend last time cleaning up the crap and dirt that was left all over my property. I’m also watching your own buses speed through the flooding and spread the water which is unhelpful, to say the least.

As per your advice in your emails, you say to call the emergency flood line. We did, they said they cannot help, and we must contact Thames Water. So, we did, and they said groundwater property flooding should be reported to the local council. So once again, I’m being paid lip service, and I’m calling on you, as the Leader of the council, to do something about it.

In your email yesterday you stated “This week many people have taken to social media to claim that Havering Council hasn't been doing a good enough job in keeping the drains clear. It is important to understand that the Council is only responsible for the roadside drains. The sewers are the responsibility of Thames Water”. Is this you absolving yourself of any responsibility? No one that can help fix this, is making any effort to do so.

You also state in your email “if you wish to contact me directly” - I do. And you continue to ignore me. Please stop asking residents to contact you when you obviously don’t really want them to.

I expect action to be taken, this simply isn’t good enough. The Residents Association are trying to help, why can’t you?

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