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Support Us

Let's Make A Change, Together!

Here are some ways you can support us:


Become a member

What your membership gets you

H.R.A membership costs £12.00 a year.  All of your subscription goes towards our campaigns, legal challenges we make and to help us win the next elections.

Get the latest news from inside the Association

With regular member updates.

Influence Association policy

By giving feedback on policy briefs.

Connect with like-minded residents

As a member, you’ll be alongside like-minded people wanting to make a difference in Havering. Support local campaigns and celebrate success.

Come get involved

Join our councillors and members and help make change happen in Havering.

Stand for election

Members may wish to stand for election as an H.R.A candidate. We can support you through this process.

Terms and Conditions

If you would like to join, please make payment using the green button and then complete the form below:


Once paid complete this form... Subscribe now!

Welcome to the team!


Donate to H.R.A

Help fund our mission to improve the way the London Borough of Havering is governed and controlled. Your donation will go towards our campaigns and any legal challenges we may have to take. 


The next local elections are in 2022, and with no time like the present to get your voice heard in making that change, why not support us and make a donation today.

Become a Volunteer


There are many ways you can help us.  These include:-

  • Helping to deliver our leaflets.  Whether that's by joining the team on our weekly outings or agreeing to deliver our leaflets to everyone on your road. For more information email us:

  • Join Club50.  Club50 is an extension of our social media team and is made up of members who are committed to sharing our online content.  For more information email us:

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