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H.R.A Manifesto is ready and waiting!

The H.R.A. have been asked when they will publish their manifesto.

The H.R.A have been working on their pledges and vision statements over the last year and have confirmed they are now ready for publication. However, they will not be publishing them just yet, due to previous experiences of the Conservative Administration taking their ideas and using them as their own.

Councillor Ray Morgon, Leader of the Opposition said, “We have a comprehensive set of documents ready and waiting for the launch of the election campaign and for after the election. It is too soon for us to release them into the public domain due to the underhand tactics of the current Administration, but residents need to be reassured we have listened to what they have been telling us.”

Chair of the H.R.A Councillor Gillian Ford went on to say, “H.R.A members have worked on this together, and we are confident residents will like what they see and hear. We are fully aware that delivery is the key and not just the words on the paper, that is why we have plans in place to ensure they are delivered, making the difference our residents want to see.”

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