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Harold Wood Councillors are not Resident Association!

Back in 2018 some of the Residents Associations in Havering formally agreed to work together in the best interest of the residents of Havering. The H.R.A – Havering’s Residents Associations had started!

However, that didn’t include the Harold Wood Councillors, because despite badging themselves as Residents Association, The Harold Wood North Havering Residents Group, aligned themselves with the Conservatives on the night of the 2018 election. As part of the deal they received Special Responsibility allowances and in turn, they vote in line with the Conservative Group. They have now registered the names Hornchurch and Upminster Independents for: Cranham, Elm Park, Hacton, South Hornchurch, St Andrew’s, Upminster, Emerson Park, St George’s and Beam Park.

Councillor Ray Morgon Leader of Havering Councils main opposition said “Harold Wood Councillors were elected under the name of Residents Association when in fact they are Conservatives. Rather than registering group names with the Electoral Commission under the disguise of Independents, they need to hold their heads in shame as they are Conservatives hiding behind a screen. The public will see them for what they are, come the 2022 local elections”.

Councillor Graham Williamson went on to say, “it is only right that when somebody puts themselves forward for election, they are honest and open about their intentions. This was clearly not the case in Harold Wood or with Councillor Sally Miller and Councillor Michael Dion Burton. It also goes to show what lengths some Members will go to, to get an allowance, and in this instance, the levels the Conservatives will stoop to, for power.”

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