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Harold Wood June Update

Our Harold Wood Team, Adela Meer and Dan Lammin have shared the following:

Unauthorised parking is occurring daily on St Clements Avenue it is creating blind spots and danger for both motorists and residents crossing. This is now council-owned land and nothing is being done to prevent this. Recently a pedestrian crossing was added at the entrance from Gubbins Lane yet they have neglected to address this serious problem which residents are up in arms about. There are people even parking on double yellow lines as it is not being policed by the council at all. It needs to be addressed immediately. A parking company was hired by the developer in past years but since the handover to the council, we have not seen any wardens. We are following this up with the Council.

The council is also responsible for the part of Wessex lane on Kings Park Estate that comes off St Clements Avenue. This has double yellow lines up to the turning circle but then has no road markings. Cars are now parking in rows in this turning circle right in front of access gates to the flats. This is a hazard to all. The maintenance of the hedge areas has also been ignored and therefore is creeping across the street and will soon block the gate from opening at all.

A beautiful protected Willow tree has become a victim of the storm on Friday night. The photos illustrate the tree has lost a major branch. This tree is within the Kings Park Estate, and the developer would have had a protection order on this tree when they were given planning permission. We, therefore, need the council to address this immediately and help restore this tree to its former glory as much as possible and ensure it is properly maintained going forward to prevent any further destruction or danger to passers-by.

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