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We are incredibly proud of the England Team and their achievement of reaching the Final of Euro 2020

We have been appalled to hear the racist criticism and actions that have been targeted at a number of the England players. There is no justification for the actions we have seen. There is no place in our society for racism, yet time and time again it rears its head. All elected representatives need to take a good look at what actions can be taken to rid our society of racism that divides communities.

H.R.A Team Members have all signed the H.R.A pledge to treat residents with fairness and respect, actively promoting equality, and opposing discrimination where it exists. We will not tolerate racism or disrespect against any members of our communities.

The H.R.A are really proud of how the country came together to support the England Football Team, even those that don’t normally follow football were getting in on the action. The England Team surpassed public expectations, playing beautifully as a team.

The leadership of Gareth Southgate was measured, balanced and an incredible role model not only for the team but for us all. You could clearly see and have indeed heard his care, support and nurturing of all of the team, including those on the bench, coaches and medics. They need to hold their heads high and prepare for the World Cup in Qatar next year.

The individuals that have chosen to tarnish this countries success through their mindless actions, need to be called out to face the consequences of their actions.

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