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The Census is taking place on the 21st March 2021

Every 10 years we are asked to fill out a census by the Office of National Statistics.

Nationally, this helps to underpin national policies, council funding allocations, information to help plan and prioritise service delivery, benchmark population changes and demographic variations.

This helps local authorities with planning and development, public health and social care, education, transport, housing and other local issues including emergency services, library services and waste collection and disposal.

This is a "digital-first" census which will be done mainly on-line.

There will be help, with comprehensive guidance and support in many languages and formats, help in local centres with trained staff and online access, a contact centre to provide telephone, webchat and social media support, direct contact to households that have not responded, accessible questionnaires for example in large print and the option to request a paper copy.

Havering's Library Service will deliver Census Support Centres. Family members can also give you help.

New Questions being asked are on previous UK Armed Forces service, gender identity and sexual orientation.

NO ONE will ask for a payment, if they do, it is a SCAM.

REMEMBER, you must complete the census by law or you could be fined up to £1,000.

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