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Development proposal for Tesco Gallows Corner

A pre-planning application has been submitted to Havering Council to develop part of the car park at Tesco Gallows corner.

They are looking to develop two-thirds of the smaller car park that sits furthest away from the store, whilst the company Newsteer are advertising the site for potential development:

Harold Wood H.R.A representative Adela Meer said, “planning permission will have to be applied for at which point the public can make their views known. We all understand that housing development is necessary, however, the council should consider applications against development already existing in the area and the carbon footprint they are contributing to by allowing more housing and the over development of areas without the infrastructure of trees and open spaces.

The area in question is underused and there would be better uses for the site, it is surrounded by industrial sites, the A127 which is a busy main road, and it sits close to the existing Kings Park development. There is a real opportunity to green up this area, this must be taken into consideration by developers going forward.”

Please contact us if you require any further information.

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